Community Operations Manager – Pietermaritzburg at Fidelity Services Group

Fidelity Services Group

Community Operations Manager – Pietermaritzburg

  • Job Type Full Time
  • Qualification Matric
  • Experience
  • Location KwaZulu-Natal
  • City Pietermaritzburg
  • Job Field Sales / Marketing / Retail / Business Development 

The Community Operations Manager is to assist the Branch Manager with growth and the local

Minimum Requirements :

  • Matric
  • Tertiary qualification advantageous
  • Firearm Competency
  • Valid Drivers license
  • Valid PSIRA

The COM will be responsible for all operational and managerial functions including the following:

  • Responsible to conduct proactive training with all armed response and LSS officers in the area.
  • (Change culture from Reactive to Proactive)
  • Building relationships with the SAPS (Sector members, sector commanders, CPF members and station commanders).
  • Attend all CPF, crime & community meetings together with the Branch Manager.
  • Record and analyse all crime in the area, identify crime trends and arrange and lead all proactive internal and joint special operations based on the crime trends.
  • Equip all reaction and LSS officers with the skills to identify and address potential crime before it happens and by that reducing crime in the focused areas thus assisting to grow the client base.

Essential Job Responsibilities

Pro-active Strategy

  • Develop and continuously revise a pro-active training strategy for the area (patrols, standoff points, joint operations, visibility drives.
  • Develop an understanding of the customer needs to drive strategy development. In conjunction with the Branch manager, identify area of high attrition (service, price & competitors), high crime and low reconnection areas.
  • Arrange at least 1-2 operations in the identified areas per week.
  • Identify any building sites in the area and ensure maximum visibility around these properties.
  • Understanding of the competitive landscape as it relates to the pro-active model Work with Branch Management team to investigate and consider area innovations (technology and processes) approaches to pro-active security
  • Develop a crime reduction strategy in area of responsibility.
  • Identify crime trends.
  • Plan and execute special operations (FADT and/or joint operations) to combat the crime trend identified
  • Develop a measuring criteria and reports to show improvement in crime reduction
  • and client growth related to the pro-active strategy
  • Quarterly area security risk assessment to be conducted based on the modus of operandi identified from all incidents (identify vulnerable areas with in the areas and propose solutions / suggestions to the Branch Manager for further discussion with the community

SAPS Involvement

  • Develop a working relationship with all key persons within the SAPS environment (sector members, sector commanders, CPF, station commander)
  • Be a key go-to-person by both operations and business to assist in solving crime incidents through SAPS contacts
  • Attend all SAPS, crime and CPF meetings with the Branch Management team as far as possible
  • Arranging and attending of all joint SAPS operations, visibility drives, roadblocks etc
  • Customer Service
  • Assist in ensuring that all media channels (WhatsApp groups) are set up (via CMC).
  • Ensure the process of acknowledging messages, despatching and feedback are adhered to.
  • Compile and distribution a monthly report to all stakeholders on the pro-active measures taken and the success there of
  • Attend all serious crime incidents personally, and assist the client with any/all security
  • needs
  • Regular meet with LSS site steerco’s

Staff Training

  • Work with training resources to ensure that specific proactive training is conducted with all reaction and LSS officers within the area (Ensure training is aligned to the proactive approach)
  • Continuous on the job training/evaluations are conducted with all staff – training to include: proactive meet & greets / open gates / stop & question / supervision of LSS guards / identification of possible weak spots (security breaches) / Mind set change of reaction officers from reactive to proactive / public space protection

Marketing Alignment

  • Keep marketing and communications informed on developments within this portfolio (Generating and communicating PR material)
  • Ensure all operations are recorded (report and photo’s) and sent to Branch Manager and marketing to arrange to be distributed to all clients.
  • Understand and manage client perception identified through client perception surveys


  • Assist Regional Operations Manager with general discipline in the area enforcing patrols, standoff points and SOP adherence
  • Managing daily, weekly and monthly compliance and required operational duties
  • Manage all Response areas measuring service levels on response times maintaining response targets set out in are KPI.
  • Compile reports, Preliminary reports for incidents and accidents for management.
  • Manage and keep standard operating procedures to a high level, ensure that these policies are adhered to daily.
  • Control budget and manage overtime and expenses.
  • Manage and control all purchases.
  • Manage all new employees as required in the recruitment process
  • Manage and keep track of all disciplinary hearings.
  • Co-ordinate admin staff to produce statistics on a daily, weekly and quarterly basis.
  • Conduct performance appraisals and manage HR manage system.
  • Check and control PSIRA registration/Competencies/training monthly.
  • Control Fleet requirements, managing fuel, violations, vehicle repairs and services.
  • Manage and control FAMS firearms requirements.
  • Logistics Management (i.e. distribution and control of firearms, compiling and control of all reports and paperwork)
  • Manage Payroll requirements daily and monthly (Time books, leave, OT and absenteeism)
  • Manage and improve all processes and resources to ensure compliance with the corporate Zero Harm philosophy.
  • Effectively manage incidents, including motor vehicle accidents to improve the Health and Safety of employees.
  • Ensure that area response activities are carried out in such a manner to provide excellent customer service (attrition).
  • Assisting Regional Manager with the implementation of systems.
  • Running “special projects”
  • Dealing with IR related manners and disciplinary enquiries
  • Monitoring/Coaching/Assisting of staff to continually better themselves (motivate staff)
  • Managing performance goal targets, in line with Operational requirement and company strategy.
  • Take direct and full responsibility for the Area. To be on call 24hours.
  • Monitoring of BPSI clocking’s and drive discipline not having unmanaged clocking’s -103’s.
  • Maintenance and managing of LSS sites

Method of Application

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