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NGO jobs in Ethiopia 2023 NGO jobs in Ethiopia. Check out today’s latest NGO job postings. Every Ethiopian can get their dream job in the field of non-governmental organizations (NGOs). 

Ethiopian (/iːθiˈoʊpiə/; Amharic: 

Ethiopia, ʾĪtyōṗṗyā (listen), Afar:

Geez, Ethiopia:

Ethiopia, Oromo:

Ethiopia, Somalia:

Ethiopia, Tigrigna:

Ethiopia), officially the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, is a landlocked country in the Horn of Africa.

This time, as their numbers grew, more local NGOs flourished. Currently, 90% of the NGOs operating in the country are local organizations. In 1998, it was reported that approximately 240 local and international NGOs were registered in Ethiopia. That number now exceeds 350. Therefore, there are an average of 20 NGO job advertisements posted in Ethiopia.

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Description: Ethiopia is the largest pre-industrialised society in the world, it is also one of the poorest. It continues to rely heavily on community workers and relief aid from international organisations. If you’d like to find out more about the work of charities in Ethiopia, please see the following list of organisations you can contact:

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  • Which work is best in Ethiopia?

    The jobs that were able to make the best list are the ones whose demand was able to survive the falling economy of the. They revolved around inevitable industries whose demand doesn’t die down whatever the situation of the economy; they are mainly jobs that are based on health and information technology.

    The top five jobs based on health and information technology are:

    1. Software Engineering
    2. Actuary (Financial Risk and Uncertainty Analysis)
    3. Human Resource Management
    4. Dental Hygienists
    5. Financial Planner

  • What is the most common job in Ethiopia?

    These are the 5 of the most popular sectors for jobs in Ethiopia:

    1. Agriculture.

    Ethiopia largest economic sector is agriculture. Agriculture is accounting for 15% of the continent’s GDP. The continent’s ago-ecological potential is larger than its current output, as is its food requirements.

    1. Infrastructure

    infrastructure will become vital to the continent’s growth. Ethiopia has a huge and profitable opportunity to explore and create green and sustainable energy.

    1. Mining

    Extractive activities in minerals and energy sectors are currently responsible for economic growth in the ethiopia Mining is set to grow as the continent boasts ample natural resources.

    1. Service Sector

    The service sector has seen a boom in recent years as middle class grows and has more purchasing power for services. list of service sector areas

    1. Software Engineering
    2. Actuary (Financial Risk and Uncertainty Analysis)
    3. Human Resource Management
    4. Financial Planner
    5. Lumberjack
    6. Dairy Farmer
    7. Enlisted Military Personnel
    8. Oil Rig Worker
    9. Newspaper Reporter
    10. Information and Communication Technology.

    ICT is currently a major driver of economy on the continent, with mobile phone usage being the highest in the world primarily due to low internet connectivity.

  • How to apply for a job at Ethio?

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  • How can I work online in Ethiopia?

    1. Make Money at Home by Starting an Online Shop in Ethiopia

    A great way to make money online in Ethiopia is by selling your products online through eBay, Amazon, Shopify, or Qefira. These websites allow you to either display your products with eye-catching images and clear descriptions or to create your own website to showcase your products attractively.

    1. Earn Money Online from Making YouTube Videos

    YouTube is another great medium to make money online in Ethiopia at home from videos. You can create and upload interesting videos and make money out of it. The more views you are able to attract, the more chances of earning big money. To get started you need to apply for Google AdSense from the AdSense website, using your Gmail account. Google AdSense allows YouTube publishers to present text ads or video advertisements on their videos. As viewers click on those ads, you get paid.

    1. Make Money Online by Writing and Publishing Books

    If you have always been interested in writing then self-publishing books then this is the option to make money online in Ethiopia. A couple of years ago, publishing books was a huge task that required the support of a reputable publishing house. This was a drawback, because major publishing houses would only support those authors who have good resumes or were famous. But right now, anyone who has authored a book can get it published and earn large royalties from sales. There are many online services like Kindle Direct Publishing that helps to publish e-books (electronic books) easily. These books will be published and available worldwide, giving your book the opportunity to be available to a large international audience.

    1. Make Money in Ethiopia by Blogging

    Blogs are also another great way of earning a good income from home. For starters, every blog needs a domain name and a web host, (click the link to find one that suits you). You can start for free by either using an html website (such as bootstrap, which is owned by Twitter), if you are a bit more experienced or you can use one of the many easy to use CMS or Content Management Systems available, such as the famous WordPress or Joomla.

    1. Make Money Online from PTC Sites

    For those who do not know what a PTC site is: "PAID TO CLICK". These are sites that pay you to click and watch advertisements online. The advertisements are often paid by the advertisers who put ads in these sites for potential customers to view and the PTC site pays you a percentage of the amount to watch it although the amount is not much. This is one of the easiest ways to make money online in Ethiopia; the job requires no skill, training, or monetary investment. It only requires you have an email address, PayPal, Payoneer. or Skrill.

    1. Work as a Freelancer from Home in Ethiopia

    You can make an extra additional income if you are able to freelance the skills you possess. If you have knowledge in designing, programming, marketing, or various other skills, you can provide these services to many clients around the world. You can charge for your services and work in your off-time, and as your work is appreciated and rated, this temporary freelance gig could actually take off and become your main source of an attractive income.

    1. Make Money Online in Ethiopia Taking Surveys

    Online surveys are also a great option to earn extra money from home. There are a plethora of MNC's or multi-national companies that are searching for customers who can provide them with reliable feedback on their products or services. They desire the knowledge of what exactly the needs and opinions are of the general public. The only requirement to make money from online surveys is that you have an email account and a PayPal or Payoneer. account (some other payment mediums may sometimes be required).

    1. Make and Sell Apps Online in Ethiopia

    Developing and selling apps is an amazing way to increase your revenue incrementally by working from home. All you need is a little bit of skill, the desire to work long hours on app development and maintenance and of course, a smart phone, laptop or PC. There are ample sources online, such as, tutorials that can help you design and develop applications that work for tablets or smart phones. The hardest aspect to this venture is getting a great idea that interests users enough to make them want to download your app on to their devices.

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