How to Fix RTT Randomly Turn on Android

Many users are looking for a query that is not new but has confused them a lot. Users search for “Why does RTT randomly turn on Android?” There are several reasons why your Android phone turns on randomly. This could be a power button failure, battery issues, or software issues. This can happen for any reason. You need to evaluate the reason behind it to know the source of the problem.

However, there are chances that your Android phone turns on randomly because of the RTT feature. If you don’t know, RTT stands for Real Time Transmission, introduced in Android 4.4. The developers added this feature so that devices can communicate with each other in real time, even when device messages and notifications are turned off.

Many users did not find this feature useful as they face many problems due to RTT on the phone. This post will tell you about RTT and why RTT randomly turns on Android.

What is RTT in Android?

RTT is real-time text that appears on your phone as the Android phone tries to connect to an RTT server. RTT was introduced to make message delivery much faster. It is a technology similar to SMS, but when someone sends RTT, the person nearby receives it immediately. This is not sent over the mobile network, but uses the IP network.

Since it uses an IP network, messages are thus delivered at a high speed and it is better for emergencies, or the person you want to contact is deaf or hard of hearing.

When the features were added to Android devices, many mobile networks came up with the offer to send free RTT messages. However, if you don’t know, RTT messages cost more than SMS; therefore many operator networks have discontinued this offer.

But as of now, RTTs are sent using a data network, so it won’t be much of a problem for businesses or users. This feature is widely used by people with hearing or speech impairments. During the conversation, they can use RTT messages for real-time messages.

How To Check RTT Support on Any Android Phone?

Many users don’t know whether their phone supports RTT or not. You can quickly verify this by contacting your carrier. Furthermore, there are a few steps you need to take to check for RTT support.

  • Open the phone app on your device.
  • Click More.
  • Tap Settings.
  • Go to Accessibility.
  • Now you will see the RTT option there.
  • If the options are present, it means that the phone supports RTT.

Why does RTT randomly turn on Android? (2023)

We explained why RTT has been added to Android and iPhone devices. We are here to explain “Why does RTT randomly turn on Android?”. RTT is a real-time text message that sends messages directly to the recipient. It is used for faster delivery or in an emergency. Added RTT so users could see messages instantly. The person can see and reply when you write the messages.

The messages are sent over the IP network; therefore, it becomes more accessible for both the receiver and the sender to receive and respond to the message. However, if your mobile is locked and the sender sends you the RTT message, the Android will turn on to display the message. It’s because the reason for RTT is instant delivery, and if users can’t see it, there’s no benefit to using RTT. The Android phone turns on automatically when someone uses RTT to send messages.

Other than that, if you see your Android device turning on randomly, the RTT is probably working. The RTT constantly sends the current location to Google’s server so that it can work properly.

Many users have reported this problem. Because of this, they are already having common issues with their device as the RTT keeps sending location updates to the Google server on a regular basis which drains the battery of the mobiles. In addition, the device resources are also used in the background. It makes the mobile slower and causes warm up issues.

To solve the problem, many users have tried to disable RTT, but the device turns it on by itself, so users must face problems with their device. However, we’ve listed how to turn it off.

How to Turn Off RTT on Android

Many users do not find this feature very useful or want to turn off real-time text messages for other reasons. Users need to follow a few steps, which are listed below. By following the steps below, users can quickly disable RTT on Android phones.

  • Open the phone app on the device.
  • Now go to Settings.
  • Click Calls.
  • Select Additional Settings.
  • Tap RTT.
  • Select “Don’t use RTT”.
  • You have turned off RTT.

Many users face the problem that RTT turns on automatically even after turning it off. It happens because the RTT is constantly sending updates to the Google server. To turn it off, turn off Google Location History. However, it can cause problems as other apps that rely on location history won’t work properly. Find my phone is one of them. Be sure of the adjustments you are going to make.


Many users were confused about “Why does RTT randomly turn Android on?” In this post, we explained everything about RTT and answered the question to help you understand why you are facing this problem. We have also listed some ways to disable RTT on your device.


1. Why is RTT coming up on my phone?

The RTT is used to send instant messages to the recipient. You will find this feature on Android and iOS as it helps people with hearing and speech impairments to send real-time conversational messages during the call. It also works without the call.

2. How do I get rid of RTT?

Follow the steps below to get rid of RTT on Android.

  • Open the phone app.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Click Calls.
  • Select Additional Settings.
  • Tap RTT.
  • Select “Don’t use RTT”.
  • You have turned off RTT.

3. How did I turn on RTT?

Follow the steps below to activate RTT during the call.

  • When you are on a call, tap RTT.
  • Enter the message. When you start writing your message, it will be visible to the recipient.

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